Taking Craft Making To The Next Level

ACM Solutions was created to provide a large variety of quality components to the crafting community. We make things....so you can make things.

Our strength and uniqueness comes from our ability to take your design ideas and make them a reality. We believe a true craft supply store should have a lot of "off the shelf" items to choose from...BUT should also be able to create anything the crafts person needs to make their vision a reality....quickly and at an affordable price.

We have set ourselves up to do just that...we are able to take something as simple as a napkin sketch and turn it into an actual physical component for use in your next original craft project.

Whether you are a one time/one project crafts person or someone that plans to create your own line of craft projects....we would like for you to think of ACM Solutions as your own personal fabrication shop to help you get your job done.

We are a small family owned business located in the Carolinas. Every aspect of the company (from design work to the actual fabrication of our products) is created by us. Nothing is outsourced...made in America by a father and son team.

Thanks for visiting and we hope to be working with you on your next project.

Christian and CJ Magro

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